About Me

Claudio Spoletini lives and works in Rome, where he was born in 1949. His early studies were in classics and literature. In the early ‘eighties he attended the courses of the Art School for Medal Engraving held in the National Mint. He took part in the lively debate on photography centring round the Rondanini Art Gallery in Rome and attended the seminars held by Luigi Ghirri and Franco Fontana. In 1990 he was one of the artists and writers who founded the magazine KR 991(Datanews Ed.), running until 1994. Since the end of the nineteen-eighties his activity has concentrated mainly on painting, and he has held numerous personal and group exhibitions both in private art galleries and in public venues in Italy and abroad.


Abu Simbel, Allen, Barthes, Battiato, Beatles, Blade Runner, Benjamin, Chatwin, Dalla, De Chirico, DeLillo, De Niro, Dick Tracy, Duchamp, Fellini, Frank (Robert), Kubrick, Marquez,Metropolis, Pacino, Pasqua (Isola di), Piero della Francesca, Pink Floyd, Rimbaud, Scott (Ridley), Sterne, Stone (Sharon), Streep, Weir, Yemen.

…Batman, Blek, Capitan Findus, Corto Maltese, Mastro Lindo…

…Müller-Thurgau, profiteroles, risotto alla zucca, rubabandiera, tressette…


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